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Score Update of Today's Game

On this page, you will find updates of the Aces score, after each inning, or a couple of innings. 

*Note: This page will only be available on game days! 

The scores may take time to update!

ACES vs. Hastings 
Sunday, July 26th

GAME TIME: 2:00pm

Inning By Inning Score
Mobile View

*Note: This is for viewers on mobile devices. The layout is different so it's compatible and easy to use on a smartphone!

Disregard this section if you are using a desktop/laptop.


Mobile Viewers: This site may look different then the desktop version, with mobile version you can see the score, updated after each inning, and who is pitching. 

Click on the Errow by "After Inning #..." to see score!

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